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Welcome to Harvest’s new Trade Center. We are excited to announce this new section of our website, which is dedicated to providing you with insight on our tactical trading. In addition to that, we wanted to build out an experience which highlights various market and economic updates. These tools, reports, resources and commentary were built for the purpose of making more information available to you. As you explore, our hope is that you will walk away with a snapshot of what has been going on over the last several weeks.

As this is just the first ‘version’ of what we hope this section might be, please keep in mind that what you are seeing is coming fresh from development. This means that there might be bugs and inconsistencies which might be noticeable. Please use this link to report suggestions or issues to our development team.

Release Notes

Features now available in the Harvest Trade Center as of September 1st 2021:

1. *New* Trade Reports Section which aims at breaking down our tactical trades into easy to consume reports. These reports are live calculated and should be always up to date. This will be a helpful way of getting a regular snapshot of our trading activities.

2. *New* Trade Commentary Section which features new commentary weekly. We started this commentary system as a way of communicating with you updates about our recent trading, as well as news about the market and economy.

3. *New* Digital Trade Blotters, which tracks buys and sells for both the Daily Harvest and Faith-Based Models. Look through a history of our trades, or make searches for different time periods & symbols. A set of helpful tools on the right hand side will calculate results as you search for different symbols.

4. *New* Trade Activity feed, which shows all recent trades as they get logged into our system. This list showcases all the most recent buys and sells made, the minute they are logged in our system.

5. *Updated* Investment Models Section which displays a full list of current investment models and is now formatted to fit within this new section of our website.