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About Us

Learn about our culture, our people and some of our core values.

Find out what makes us unique, who you might be working with, and what drives each of us toward a better service for you.

Our Culture

Kingdom Minded.

Stewardship First.

Diligent Execution.


Servant leadership is at the heart of our service to you.  The culture of our work environment reflects just that.  We take great joy in diligently serving each of our clients. We help them become better stewards of God’s resources by putting stewardship first for ourselves.  Our staff is always asking, “how can serving this client bring glory to God and His kingdom?”

Our People

Driven with you in mind.

Executive Staff

Tim Newell

Managing Director

John Alyo

Chief Investment Officer

Scott Bradtmiller

Chief Compliance Officer

Andrew Barlow

Vice President of Strategy

Luke Baumgarten

Vice President of Advisory


Galo Baca

Stewardship Advisor

Hal Brewer

Controller & Office Manager

Dave Bruinsma

Stewardship Advisor Assistant

Tommy Fogelsong

Operations & Advisory Assistant

Isaiah Gates

Stewardship Advisor

James Hanley

Stewardship Advisor

Isaiah Hughes

Stewardship Advisor Intern

Elliott Innes

Director of HR & Operations

Taylor Johnson

Director of Media & Marketing

Ryan Kaczmarek

Senior Stewardship Advisor

Brenton Newell

Director of Trading

JesusisLord Nwadiuko

Stewardship Advisor

Joseph Savenok

Stewardship Advisor

Eric Schlosser

Senior Stewardship Advisor

Jonathan Wei

Stewardship Advisor

Grounded in values that complement your mission.

Our Principle Values

Serve the whole

We serve the organization, its mission, and the people working hard to carry it out every day.  Each organization is comprised of its parts.  We believe in a holistic approach to financial wellness.  When you and your family are doing well, the organization’s mission will thrive even more.

Direct Relationships

Little is more frustrating than not knowing who you can talk to.  More than that, having someone in your corner only adds to your confidence.  We desire that every client has a direct and meaningful relationship. Our Staff & Stewardship Advisors accomplish just that.

Stewardship Focused

HIS Envoys Group thrives around the idea of “all that we own belongs to God.”  Our time, skill, passion, and resources were all given to us by God.  Therefore, the stewardship of God’s resources influences the very core of our business.  This is a value reinforced and embraced by all on our team.