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Harvest Investment Services, LLC., is a registered investment advisory firm headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. We manage numerous global tactical investment models by utilizing several risk control measures that are designed to “Harvest Gains and Limit Losses.”

In addition, to managing investment models on behalf of our clients, Harvest has over 25 Investment Adviser Representatives in our network from coast to coast.

We are firmly committed in our desire to be Servant Leaders of our clients needs in an increasingly complex and challenging financial world. The term “Servant Leader” expresses our commitment to first serve our clients by helping them develop a personal financial plan and second by leading them into making the decisions that must be made to help them achieve their financial goals.

We also believe that we serve a higher purpose than simply to effectively manage client relationships and financial plans. We are fallible and will make mistakes. However, at no time will a decision or recommendation be made that conflicts with the purpose and calling we sense. We believe that every area of our lives should be submitted to the God we serve for His glory alone.

Even though a name is listed as the owner of Harvest Investment Services, we fully embrace the knowledge that we are also trustee’s of a financial investment business. God is the real owner and he is allowing us to be stewards to serve others.

Harvest Investment Services, statement of faith.