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Ryan Kaczmarek

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Ryan joined the HIS Envoy team in 2024 as a Senior Stewardship Advisor. He was first introduced to the idea of Stewardship while attending the Financial Peace University course at Willow Creek Community Church. It was during this season that God started to reveal just how much His word talks about money. After paying off over $55K of debt in 18 months, Ryan had the opportunity to become the Stewardship Pastor at Willow Creek. 

During his 7 years on staff, he led the charge on creating content and teaching thousands of people about how to honor God with Biblically based money management principles. Many of these classes were supported by a talented team of 50+ volunteers who Ryan helped develop and coach on how to better serve the attenders. He also worked closely with high-capacity givers to better understand tax-favored strategies for funding Kingdom work.  

Ryan also worked for over 4 years as a Wealth Advisor for a small RIA firm that focused on serving high net worth clients with tax and financial planning challenges. He became a Certified Financial Planner in 2023, which led to his promotion to the Director of Financial Planning at this firm.  

Though not all clients are motivated to utilize Biblically Responsible Investments tools, Ryan is passionate about helping individuals make intentional financial decisions that are aligned with their values. Whether a person shares Ryan’s conviction on faith or simply longs to work with a planning focused advisor that they can trust, he is excited to learn more about your story and to see if he can help prepare a values-based solution. 

My Specialties

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Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Investment Management

Retirement Strategies

RMD Strategies

Estate Planning

Fiduciary Investment Advice

Set Up 401k Plans

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