What is a Food Bank?

The Qualifications for a Food Bank

While many ministries and non-profits might want to serve as a Food Bank, the USDA has set up qualifications which must be met. This article will explore just what those qualifications are and help you determine if this is something you might be able to do.

First, what is a Food Bank?

A food bank is a non-profit organization that can receive full truck-loads of boxes of food at once. They must have a large amount of refrigeration space, a forklift, and preferably a truck dock (although not required).

The goal of a food bank is to house food and then distribute in a timely manner their supply of food boxes to those in need. They are effectively the last step in the supply chain before reaching the many families in need.

How you can help.

If you decide that your organization can serve as a Food Bank, then please let us know. Any qualified non-profit can work directly with any one of the distributors who were awarded with a contract. They can visit this page to see a full list of the distributors with contracts for the program. Simply click on your region from the list and then contact information will come up for all the suppliers in your region.

HIS Envoy’s role in all of this is simply to help aid in the connections that need to be made. This program, through the USDA, does not focus on helping to connect non-profits and suppliers. Rather, they leave it up to all the different organizations to make their own contacts. We have a unique position to help connect Food Banks and Distributors. Envoy, our sister company, is one of the largest suppliers of 403(b) plans to non-profits across the states. Because of this, we have many pre-existing relationships with organizations who can greatly benefit to partnering together through this crisis. We simply want to do our role in helping to provide food for the many families in need.

Please reach out to us for help, or to begin a conversation. We can provide you with additional information that might help make the difference in your participation.
Or, if you are ready to get started, fill out this information box and our program manager, Bethany Miller, will reach out to you promptly.

Please note, even if you can’t directly participate, we can always partner with you to help build connections. Together, we can take food that would be wasted to those who desperately need it.

In which way could you partner with us?

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