Tactical Management

A strategy focused on an active, hands-on approach.

What makes tactical management different than any other approach to managing investments?

How well did your downside risk controls work in the last few down markets? One the most utilized strategies in investing is the use of “Buy and Hold.” This is a standard and typical practice that usually results in investors riding out the market through the ups and downs. While not ideal for moments of volatility or bear markets, the strategy is a fair starting point. Tactical Management is a different strategy that aims to take an active approach. Instead of passively riding out the market, we buy and sell based on current market trends. Through the use of rules and downside risk controls in our models, we work to navigate the market.

How It Works



This is the key ingredient in our strategy. Our models are actively managed, instead of passively held in a buy and hold strategy.



We’re responsible for not just advice, but management of your assets. A tactical approach means we need to take seriously the quality and cost of your holdings.



Every day is different. The market knows it and we know it. Tactical means that we adapt to the trading environment.

Three Important Aspects

Trade Frequency

Tactical Management is an active trading style that seeks to use real-time footwork to help navigate the market and identify trends and positions. At Harvest, this takes the form of either daily, monthly, or quarterly trades. It often depends on which investment model you select, what is going on in the market and what the news is reporting on.

Quality and Cost of Holdings

Tactical Management does not just relate to how often you trade, but also to what is being traded. At Harvest, we don’t settle for just any fund. Our team is hard at work undergoing rigorous research. Each and every fund utilized in a model is selected with careful purpose. Beyond seeking quality, we are careful to select low-cost Exchange Traded Funds, which helps to keep returns efficient. Our screening can even go as far as filtering out holdings based on ethics.

Flexibility for Environment

Tactical Management can make a huge difference when markets are performing in unusual circumstances. Whether this be the uncertainty of an election, an era like COVID-19, or even just news buzz on particular topics or businesses, our hands-on approach means we are prepared to adapt.

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