Cyber Security Basics by Veracity

Cyber Security and your Finances

In dealing with banks, investment firms, insurance companies, and any number of financial institutions, you can’t be too careful. When your personal information is being used for all kinds of accounts and purposes, it can be easy to feel insecure about cyber security. Hopefully this video and article will help give you signs and tactics to watch out for.

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00:10 – Introduction

03:13 –  The Business Email Compromise

04:14 – Email Compromise Example

04:25 – “One Off” Email Compromise

05:20 – Social Media and Personal Info

09:25 – Introduction to Phishing

14:00 – Steps For Staying Safe

16:15 – Password Tips and Tricks

20:00 – Patches and Software Updates

20:55 – Fraud Prevention

30:00 – Questions and Answers

A Synopsis of the Cyber Security Presentation

In this video, Doug Kouns of Veracity explains to us the basic concepts of Cyber Security. Doug owns and runs Veracity IIR as a private cyber security firm right out of Indianapolis Indiana. They specialize in Intelligence, Investigation, and Research. As an ex-FBI agent, Doug has some particularly interesting insight into the world of intelligence and security protocols. Doug spent most of the presentation talking about some practical security basics. From being aware of how/where/when you post on social media, to being more aware of which email address is being used when you receive something. He even talks about how perpetrators and hackers will use personal information from your social media accounts to attempt to pose as a friend and get you to trust them. Later in the presentation he delved into some software good health tips. Did you know one of the best ways to help prevent an attack is to keep your programs/computer/cell-phones/etc up to date? Often times, companies like Microsoft or Adobe put out what are called “patches.” These patches help seal up “cracks” in computer systems and software that might otherwise leave a backdoor for hackers. The other key practical tip Doug brings up in this presentation is how to come up with easy to remember, and yet, difficult passwords. He mentions that if you substitute letters for numbers and special characters that resemble those letters, you’ll be able to come up with a good password that is easy to remember. He tagged on a warning that “password wallet” programs can be dangerous. If someone were to gain the master password, they could gain access to every account attached to your wallet.

How Does Cyber Security Play Into Your Finances?

Obviously the security of your financial accounts is of the utmost importance to us. We wanted to pass along this helpful information to you so that you can be more prepared. You can’t ever be too prepared for good security. On our end, we take extreme precaution in guarding the personal information entrusted to us by our clients. After watching this video, were there things you thought you could do to improve your security habits? As mentioned by Doug, an important thing to do is not be afraid to take time for your financial transactions. If you can, get on the phone to confirm things with those helping you. Try not to leave yourself in situations where you have to rush your transactions or communicate those transactions solely by email (or other insecure means). It’s not always possible. Sometimes life circumstances hit you and things need to be rushed. But, if we can, we should attempt to avoid it. A good thing to do is review transactions regularly with your adviser. Notify them of new transactions or go over them during your next review. This helps to bring in a second pair of eyes and insight on money movement that might otherwise slip through the cracks…

Final Notes

This presentation was hosted by Anna Dujan and her team during her September 2019 Client Event. She helps provide Financial Planning and Investment Advice to all her clients in the Indianapolis area. If you need her financial services, you can reach her by email at or by her office number: (317) 520-8294.

Doug Kouns

Doug Kouns

Founder of Veracity IIR

Doug Kouns founded Veracity IIR with a vision of bringing the most experienced and accomplished law enforcement professionals, intelligence analysts and business people together to provide real solutions to real problems. Kouns is a former Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent of the FBI. For more than 22 years he served the Bureau in the field and at FBI Headquarters while conducting or overseeing criminal, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence investigations
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