What is Biblical Stewardship?

A Christmas Video from Tim, Bruce, and our entire staff.

Two Houses Together

When God brought our houses together, He knew what He was doing. Years ago, when we first formed HIS Envoys Group, which both Harvest and Envoy are a part of, we prayed that God would increase our capacity to serve. That, together, we would bring a greater service for a Kingdom purpose. We’ve been blessed that God has indeed answered that prayer. Over the last few years, God has brought many different opportunities for us to bring that to life. In fact, the unifying mission of HIS Envoys Group is based on bringing Biblical Financial Stewardship to every aspect of our financial services.

What does Stewardship mean to you?

Stewardship is a cornerstone principle for us. This Christmas, in our video letter, we discussed what Biblical Stewardship looks like. We wanted to give shape and definition to it, to share it with everyone. Ultimately, we believe that all that we ‘own’ is truly entrusted to us by God. So, with that in mind, what does Biblical Stewardship mean to you?

This is our gift to you.  Will you take us up on it?

Bible translation and distribution are a part of the DNA of HIS Envoys Group.  While our attention to that is usually global, we believe the local front is also crucial.  Please, request a Daily Bible from us and join us on our chronological journey through scripture in 2023.

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