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The CARES Act for Small Businesses

7A and 7B Explained

Whether you’re interested in the Payroll Protection, Loan Forgiveness, or the EIDL Grants, this presentation will walk you through it all. Please visit the time-stamps below the video to help you navigate.

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CARES Act Businesses Info

Helpful Navigation Timecodes for the Presentation

Presentation Topics

0:00 – A welcome from Harvest
4:54 – Presentation Begins
6:05 – Who is Quartermaster?
10:21 – Payroll Protection Program (7A)
25:05 – Emergency EIDL Grants (7B)
27:15 – Individual Tax Relief
39:42 – Business Tax Relief
45:20 – EIDL Loan Basics in More Depth
55:08 – Loan Programs Application Processes
1:05:45 – If you choose Quartermaster…

Additional Resources and Information

Help Applying for Assistance

The Small Business Administration is giving businesses $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 per company on a first come, first serve basis. Quartermaster Tax Management can help in the filing process. Harvest receives no financial compensation if you use Quartermaster. Our aim is to do our best in serving you by helping you steward all that God has given you.

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