California Advisors

Brian Park

Riverside, CA

Associate Investment Advisor

Brian was in full-time ministry doing financial counseling with people within his church for 25 years. He believes a person’s financial health is as important as all the other areas of their life. To be a good steward of ones resources demonstrates wisdom and courage in the face of our over-spending/in-debt culture…

(951) 684-0211

Ken Wilkinson

Danville, CA

Associate Investment Advisor

Ken is a well-known authority with extensive training in the matters of business and personal financial consulting and estate planning issues. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at major financial institutional meetings. Ken’s focus is on proper planning and documentation to increase asset protection of holdings and create family legacies utilizing business, financial and estate planning…

(925) 743-1678

Jim Wisdom

Westlake Village, CA

Affiliate Investment Advisor | CFP

As a Certified Financial Planner and the owner of James L. Wisdom Insurance Services, Jim has twenty five years of experience in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. James L. Wisdom Insurance Services provides innovative and cost-effective Insurance/Risk Management and Financial Services solutions for privately held business owners and their employees…

(805) 497-9264