Quiz Test v2
2 | Are you involved in your organization's retirement plan administration, oversight, or decision making process? *
3 | Which best describes your role within your organization's retirement plan: *
4 | Was your plan easy to set-up/start?
5 | Do you have an open architecture plan?
6 | Do you have access to target-date models?
7 | Do you have access to faith-based investments?
8 | Does your plan provider offer your staff access to experienced financial advisors?
*1 being immediate and 5 being over 48 hours.
11 | Is it easy for new staff to enroll and start a retirement account through your provider?
*1 being under performs and 5 being exceeds expectations.
*1 being very hard and 5 being super easy.
14 | Does plan administration take too much of your time?
*1 being no education and 5 being it's awesome.
*1 being no education and 5 being it's awesome.
*1 being 0% and 5 being 100%.
18 | What perspective on retirement does your plan education promote?
*1 being too expensive and 5 being it's great.
20 | Does your plan provider also offer Record Keeping and 3rd Party Administration services?
21 | Does your plan provider specialize in working with ministries and understand their unique needs and tax opportunities?
22 | Does your plan provider share the same values as your ministry?