Begin Again.

We want to partner with you in a new
season of ministry and kingdom impact.

From Financial Stewardship to a Future Funded Ministry, we specialize in providing high impact kingdom opportunities through Biblically Responsible Investing Solutions for individuals and faith-based organizations.


A proud partner of the Stonecroft mission.

When we were asked to help sponsor the Begin Again event, we were thrilled to accept. We truly believe in the mission that Stonecroft stands for. At Harvest, we believe that all that we own belongs to God. Our desire is to help individuals and faith-based organizations find ways to steward their finances and participate in kingdom impact. At HIS Envoys Group, we have a variety of Biblically Responsible Investing Solutions which serve to assist in achieving your desired financial and kingdom impact goals. Together, let’s steward HIS resources to further HIS kingdom.

Did you see me?

Meet Anna Dujan

Even if we didn’t get a chance to meet at the Stonecroft event, I would love the chance to get to know you. Serving women where they are at, as they are, is a passion of mine. I was so excited that I got a chance to attend Begin Again.

As a female financial advisor, I have a have a desire to serve women and families by helping them with Financial Stewardship. I want to walk alongside you by providing high impact kingdom opportunities through the use of Biblically Responsible Investing Solutions.

I would love to continue a conversation with you.

(317) 520-8294


A look inside our process

Please take some time to learn what distinguishes me from other financial advisors. I firmly believe that private wealth must be aligned with a person’s values and intentions. With me, you will have peace of mind that all of your personal values and financial goals are in alignment.


Resources of Interest

Financial Stewardship

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Future Funded Ministry

Your gifts and talents don’t stall out at retirement. Is your future personal ministry funded enough to last you through retirement?

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