Strategic Solutions

Harvest has spent years developing solutions and strategic partnerships. We are happy to work alongside Security Investment Center and their advisors to bring the next level of service to their clients.

Our purpose is simple in that we want to walk with individuals and organizations to help them multiply their Kingdom Impact through Financial Stewardship. Whether it’s a private wealth account or a retirement plan, we want to bring you the very best in Biblically Responsible Investing Solutions.

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Harvest Investment Services

Private Wealth Management

There are various kinds of private wealth accounts, and we can help you get started with the right one for you and your family. We specialize in the use of Biblically Responsible Investment Models. These models are rules-based and tactically managed by our Trade Team. Depending on the selected strategy, we employ a systematic approach that aims to help you Harvest Gains and Limit Losses in your portfolio. Our arrangement of investment models use a screening process to weed out unfavorable stocks that conflict with your values. We believe that there should be no need to compromise on your values–even in investing.

Envoy Financial

Ministry Storehouse Accounts

This is a solution meant to help churches and ministries take their resource management to the next level. As Christians, we believe that all of our resources belong to the Lord. As Ministries, we know that our mandate for good financial stewardship extends to the money that we set aside or designate for future ministry. A Ministry Storehouse Account could be the right solution to help you achieve that. Whether your goal is capital preservation or the growth of your cash reserves for the purpose of a Future Funded Ministry, this account can help you do that. These accounts use a lineup of Biblically Responsible Investment Models, which will help your ministry achieve your goal without taking ownership in stocks that conflict with your values. Most importantly, your cash will remain liquid enough to be ready to use on short notice (about 1 business day).

HIS Envoys Group

Retirement Plan Solutions

A cornerstone to everyone’s future funded ministry is their retirement account. We are proud to walk alongside thousands of churches, non-profits, and for-profit organizations in their Retirement Plan. Whether it’s a 403(b) plan through Envoy Financial, or an ESBA through Harvest, we can help establish the perfect plan for your organization. Our decades of expertise span retirement plans, Biblically Responsible Investing, and plan participant services. We believe that a high-functioning retirement plan will help you maintain a competitive edge, keep costs reasonable, and serve your participants well. Our process for starting a plan is easy to follow, painless, and quick to get you from A to Z.

HIS Kingdom Resources

HIS Kingdom Resources Fund

This is a private equity fund that is faith-driven and focused on venture. The fund aims to invest in twelve high-impact business opportunities in privately held venture-stage companies. These disruptor companies are selected based upon their ability to generate high returns and have significant kingdom impact. The purpose of this solution is multi-fold. HKR is perfect for investors who are looking to participate in a high level of kingdom impact or are looking for a way to diversify their portfolio beyond traditional equity investments.


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