Security Investment Center & Harvest Connection

A greater service for kingdom purpose.

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The Connection

We’ve come together to offer a more complete collection of financial services.

Harvest and the Security Investment Center coming together is a connection that really makes a lot of sense. Ultimately, this partnership has taken place to allow us to do more. To do more for our clients, for our friends, our partners, and most importantly for the Kingdom. Our desire is that two houses united will create a greater kingdom impact opportunity for those that we serve.

Now, let’s take a look at what that means in practical terms. Instead of acting separately in different disciplines of the same industry, we’ve been able to complement our existing services and strategies. We’ve also been able to develop solutions that are new, creative, powerful, and sometimes even just straightforward. This is almost the equivalent of a pianist and a violinist coming together in a concert–beautifully orchestrated. We share one theme between two different brands, helping our clients steward their finances in a God-honoring way.

Who is Harvest?

Harvest is a Kingdom Focused Registered Investment Advisory

We have a focus on Investment Management for like-minded Christian Individuals and Organizations. We specialize in serving our clients by managing their investment portfolios through the use of our rules-based, tactically managed investment models.

Harvest goes beyond the limited method of Buy and Hold Investing by using an active and tactical approach to overseeing your portfolio. We use a rules-based system to govern the buys and sells made on your behalf.

Tactical Investment Management

An Active and Strategic Approach

Our Core Services

Empowering you to steward HIS Resources to further HIS Kingdom.

Ownership in a stock or fund doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your beliefs and convictions. Harvest offers investment models that screen out unfavorable stocks such as those that support abortion, gambling, and pornography.

Biblically Responsible Investing

No Compromise, Even in Investing

Investing starts to make a lot more sense when we know where you are going. We always love to start with a decisive plan, based on your financial goals and context. This will act as a roadmap for investment decisions and a backbone for keeping us on track.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

A Financial Objectives Roadmap

We want to partner with you in a new season of ministry and kingdom impact.


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