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No Compromise, Even in Investing.


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At the Core of Biblically Responsible Investing

Ownership in a stock or fund doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your beliefs and convictions. Harvest offers investing solutions that screen out unfavorable stocks such as those that support abortion, gambling, pornography, and such. At the core of BRI, there are three factors we consider when determining viability. These three factors are: avoid, embrace, and engage.



Who should we avoid taking ownership in? Should we own companies whose core values oppose our own biblical worldview?


Which companies stand out amongst the crowd in a good way? Are these companies bettering humanity, or better yet, building up the kingdom?


Are there companies we should be engaging with? Should we participate in the conversation and make our investment dollars contingent on the changes at hand?

How do we screen out companies we want to avoid?

The screening process is a crucial portion to Biblically Responsible Investing. This is is a part of the process we rely on for eliminating stocks that would otherwise violate our biblical worldview. Thankfully, the screening process can be somewhat automatic. We utilize a service that conducts investigations into each and every publically traded company. We then have access to a library of reports, which can be used to inform ourselves and our clients.

how do we tactically trade a BRI screened portfolio?

Tactical trades in your portfolio will always depend on the investment model strategy you have selected. In general, we will start with a list of stocks, likely the Russell 3000, and filter out all unclean stocks. From there, the list will undergo strength ranking, based on price performance. Only the top 50 stocks will be selected for a combination of core trades and tactical trades. The goal of the tactical trades is to capture the overall momentum of the stock. Part of what this includes is attempting to reduce the daily volatility by buying and selling it. Often, a typical tactical trade will be bought and then sold again for 2% gain. The position will then be re-bought once the price has dropped again by another 1%.

Recommended Resources

Biblically Responsible Investing can often be a new and broad topic for most people. We certainly don’t want to leave you short-handed on the information. Below is a set of recommended resources, each of which should be useful for exploring this meaningful new chapter.

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