Enrollment for First Time Participants

If your employer has set up an ESBA plan for your organization, then you can use this button to enroll yourself into the plan. ESBA stands for Employer Sponsored Brokerage Account and is a form of a retirement benefit. If you have trouble filling in the right information on your form, you can contact your plan administrator from your organization for help, or you can also reach out to our support staff who will do their best to guide you.

Help & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon)

Engaging with your retirement plan can be confusing. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers that, hopefully, will help guide you to a better understanding. The button will lead you to a page where you can look for your question and read the correlated answer. The page also features a way to ask your own question if you can’t find it listed.

Make a new contribution

Your retirement account is often one of your largest assets. Because of that, it can be a powerful tool for paving your way to retirement. Making steady contributions can increase that benefit, catch you up if you’re behind, and overall help you take more advantage of time. You can use button to take you to a form where you can update/define a regular contribution amount. Secondly, you can also use this form to initiate a rollover from a different retirement account.

Navigating TD Ameritrade’s Client Dashboard

While Harvest is responsible for servicing and administering the retirement plan, TD Ameritrade is where your account is handled. Throughout the course of your account, you will use their client portal to login, view trades, balances, and values. You can also find a number of other helpful resources and tools (including tax documents and statements). You can learn more about navigating their client dashboard through this helpful video.

Please note that the video showcases a slightly older version of their dashboard.