Employer Sponsored Brokerage Accounts

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Small businesses are in a unique position to benefit from an Employer Sponsored Brokerage Account as a retirement plan. We partner with TD Ameritrade to offer this retirement plan solution, which offers tremendous value for you and your employees.

There are no investment restrictions like a traditional 401k that is limited to the fund lineup that is provided. 

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What are the core benefits?

If you’re unsure about what an ESBA is, or you’re just curious about learning more, pay attention to these core benefits. We’ve tailored this type of retirement plan to work well with Harvest’s Investment Strategies, Portfolio Management, and Network of Advisors.

Easy To Manage

TDA uses a administration portal called ESBA Connect. Through this dashboard you can easily manage your plan, view/edit participant information, manage contributions, deposits, transaction history, as well as access to a variety of forms and documents.

Great For Participants

Participants will have an easy access to a client portal, with the added ability to also link together other accounts they might have with TDA. This dashboard is perfect for making adjustments to their account, managing investments, and tracking performance.

Works Well With...

This is a retirement plan option that is designed to work especially well with small businesses. Not only that, but it will compliment other existing benefits packages you already have.

Huge Universe of Investments

You and your employees will have access a selection of investments that is limited only by the employer’s choice of plan structure. A benefit of an ESBA plan is that you don’t have to setup a “fund lineup” for your employees to choose from. Instead, you can enjoy access to a full universe.

Work With an Advisor

To enhance the experience and effectiveness of the plan, participants can work directly with an investment advisor representative. Harvest has a network of trusted advisors who can help participants by professionally managing their account.

Powered By TD Ameritrade

TDA is a leading brokerage firm in the industry, and for good reason. Their platform makes it easy for an RIA like Harvest to partner with them. Don’t miss out on the benefit of our investment strategies mixed with their platform.

How we are different

Harvest is a Faith-Based Investment Firm with a dedication to cost-effective portfolio management strategies. These strategies aim to take advantage of gains and limit your downside by implementing rules and tools based on the model that you are in. We take an active and tactical approach to managing your investments. This means that your holdings are being constantly evaluated and traded based on market conditions and your selected investment strategy.

Layered on top of that is our desire to help our clients better handle their assets by adopting something we call Biblically Responsible Investing. BRI starts by helping us and our clients understand that asset ownership is truly asset stewardship. Inevitably, all that we own really belongs to God and instead is entrusted to us for stewardship. We ground this not only in our philosophy, but by offering to our clients a range of Biblically Responsible Investment Models.

Our online process for starting this retirement plan is easy to fill out and takes only 15-20 minutes.

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