Director of HR & Operations

Elliott Innes

Elliott Innes joined HIS Envoys Group in 2019 and now serves as the Director of Operations, where his leadership is driven by the belief that people are the essence of the organization. He skillfully integrates Human Resources and Information Technology, ensuring strategies are people-centered and effective. Elliott’s rich experience in missionary work across Europe and Latin America, combined with his role as a certified trainer with Patrick Lencioni’s “Table Group,” brings a diverse, culturally sensitive approach to his role. His ordination in the Wesleyan Church further enriches his leadership with a commitment to empathy and ethical integrity.

In his capacity at HIS Envoys Group, Elliott also works closely with one of the founders, Bruce Bruinsma, leading Retirement Reformation. This initiative underscores his dedication to meaningful community engagement and the value of continued contribution across all life stages. Elliott’s extensive experience and unique perspective significantly contribute to the strategic direction and operational excellence of the organization.

Living with his wife, four children, and in-laws, Elliott appreciates the dynamics of diverse groups, a perspective he applies to his professional life. His approach focuses on creating a workplace where every individual’s contribution is valued, fostering a culture of collaboration and mutual respect, essential for collective success and growth.

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