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Tim and Bruce have decided it would be a wonderful idea for the Harvest staff to travel out Colorado Springs. Among other things, we will be spending time with the Envoy staff members and get to know each of them. Additionally, there will be a Christmas Party on December 12th. Bruce is also inviting you to bring along your spouse. Flights and Hotel accommodations can be arranged for anyone coming. Use the form on this page to help Tay and Fred organize your traveling information. See below for a rough itinerary.


  • December 11th
    • Arrive before 5pm.
    • Team dinner in the evening.
  • December 12th
    • Meet the staff in the morning.
    • Christmas Party in the evening.
  • December 13th
    • See the new office building
    • Sight seeing
    • team buildingĀ 


We are asking everyone to help us book your trip by November 25th, if possible. This is so we can take advantage of airline prices. We will be renting a van to help the group get around. If you need your own rental, please specify in the form.

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