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Brenton has played a role at Harvest for a number of years. He spent about two years as a part time marketing intern in 2015. In 2019, he worked as a part time communication specialist, and branding design lead on HIS Envoys Group, LLC. and the HIS Kingdom Resources Private Equity Fund. Brenton graduated from Wheaton College in May of 2021 with a B.A. in Media Communication. After graduation, he started full-time at Harvest Investment Services, LLC. That Fall, his role rapidly changed as he began managing portfolios for clients as an assistant portfolio manager working alongside Tim. Toward the beginning of 2022, he stepped into the role of lead portfolio manager and in mid-2022 worked his way up to Director of Trading.

Brenton is passionate about the Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) story, and aims at managing BRI funds that allow investors of all risk profiles and values to “invest without compromise.” Brenton specializes in Active Tactical trading with the goal to “Harvest gains and limit losses,” which is one of Harvest’s leading differentiators. Additionally, Brenton is one of Harvest’s Stewardship Advisors, advising on private wealth and managing client portfolios.

Brenton’s top five Gallup strengths are:






His strengths are rated high in Strategic Thinking, which is applied in the way he manages money and advises on clients’ assets. Brenton is uniquely suited to detecting patterns and simplifying complex issues (strategic), highly detail-oriented (input), always thinking and learning something (learner); he is especially interested in goal-oriented innovation and improvement (intellection & achiever).

Brenton and his wife, Ashley, currently live in Carol Stream, IL. Brenton comes from a large family of 7 kids, was homeschooled through High School and grew up performing with Christian Youth Theater (CYT) where he and his wife met.

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