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Biblical Ethics Survey v2

Let's start by collecting some personal information.

We will us this information to help correlate our results and to help us get to know you better. None of the information we gather during this process is shared with any of our partners without your explicit permission. We only utilize the results to help tailor your BRI solution.

Personal Information


Do you have strong convictions on the usage Alcohol?
Do you personally consume any alcohol? (check all that apply)
Would you own stock in a company that produces or distributes alcohol?


Do you consume any type of tobacco?
If a family member used any tobacco product you would likely:
Would owning stock in a company that produces/distributes/sells tobacco products be an issue for you?


Check mark all the boxes you would use to describe as family friendly
How comfortable would you be in owning stock in a company that produces/distributes/shows/advertises/sells non-family-friendly content?


How heavily do you consider your convictions on abortion?
Do you consider abortifacients or other similar birth control drugs a form of abortion?
How comfortable would you be in owning stock in a company that supports the abortion/pro-choice agenda?