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Luke Baumgarten

Luke Baumgarten

Investment Advisor - Director of Business Development

 The definition of retirement, "A point in a persons life, where they have the luxury of deciding how to spend their day." - Don Barden 

“As an Investment Advisor, acting in your best interest is not my job, but my duty!”

Luke attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA studying Business Finance with a specialization in Financial Planning.

In 2014, Luke started his career in the Financial Services Industry as an Investment Advisor Representative with Harvest Investment Services, LLC. a Registered Investment advisory firm.

Luke has become an essential part of the Harvest team, possessing character traits that have helped him relate and build relationships with both clients and other Harvest Advisors. As a Fiduciary Investment Advisor Luke is building and growing his practice with Harvest Investment Services in such a way that his clients have become some of his greatest advocates.

Luke’s process is to first work on the diagnoses through the creation of a Comprehensive Financial Plan. Through the plan, one will be able to clearly identify their personal financial life goals and objectives. Using the plan we can determine the appropriate course of action necessary to achieve those stated financial goals. The Plan should also address what may be needed to protect your families future and financial goals as life events happens, that without proper planning can derail the plan. The plan should have a series of recommendations and a timetable for the implementation process. Then finally, the plan should be monitored along the way to make sure that things are staying on track towards the achievement of your specific financial life goals.

“Providing direction and solutions to help you plan to ‘Harvest Gains and Limit Losses’”

One of the many things that differentiates Luke and Harvest Investment Services from other Advisors and Advisory firms you can work with is that we truly embrace the Fiduciary Standard which, as stated above means that we have a legal duty to always act in the best interest of our clients.

As a fee only advisor, Luke can avoid the conflicts of interest that some commission based reps and brokers can have that may just sell you products. This truly sets him apart from commission based Advisors.

One of Luke’s personal goals is to maintain the mindset of a student and to continually attain fresh knowledge that will assist his clients in achieving their financial objectives.

“Harvest Investment Services has shown me the importance of the comprehensive financial plan and the need to continually educate people on strategies to achieve their financial life goals”

Luke and his wife Nikki have two daughters, Alexa and Andersyn (Andi) and live in Elmhurst, IL. Outside of work, Luke looks to be of service to family, friends and the community around him. Luke and his family are involved in the local church community. Having played Ice hockey for 19 years he knows about commitment, hard work and trust.

“I personally look forward to starting a conversation with you to identify ways that I may be able to serve you.”




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